Hey Friend!

I’m a PA, I’m pretty freaking awesome and uber intelligent, and I’m going to teach you how to outsmart your doctors, reclaim your health and finally feel like yourself again.

About Me

I am Talia Lavor

I am a Physician Assistant in Women’s Health.
I’m pretty damn smart. Dare I say smarter than most in my field. I am a recovering perfectionist.
I am an eternal student of life.
I am a mother to Stella and Henry.

I am constantly evolving.
I am obsessed with the human body and the mindbody connection.
I am your teacher, your witness and your guide on your journey to better health.

You see, we all have what some may call our “Zone of Genius” or our “Superpowers.” We all have our purpose: our innate and developed talents. It just so happens that mine are to make sense of this whole mess Modern Medicine has created. It’s my passion to study the human body and how it works, and then to take that insanity and break it down for you in a way that is easy to understand. It’s my job to always be researching, investigating and applying information. Then I get to report back to you, and let you know what works and what doesn’t. I’m your…


  • Teacher

  • Translator

  • Guide

  • Curator

  • Organizer

  • Confidant

  • Bridge builder

  • Blind spot finder

  • Dots connector

  • The person that can see what you can’t see

    I am YOU..
    I have been in a place of overwhelm and exhaustion. I have looked deep into the eyes of anxiety. I have known what it is like to be told that I may never be a mother. I have experienced the guilt, the desperation and the failure that is infertility. I have battled PCOS and acne.

    I have also triumphed! I have conceived on my own, TWICE, despite being told I had less than a 1%chance. My acne is gone and my PCOS has been reversed. I have evolved physically, emotionally and spiritually and continue to do so.

    My intention is to serve others and continue to grow and expand as a being. I serve those who desire healing as well as evolution of self and being. I Give you tools to increase awareness to go to the next level in health, relationships, and business.

I’m committed to listening to you and treating you as a whole person.
I’m committed to teaching you and answering the questions you’ve always wanted to ask but were afraid to or that you asked and no one had an answer for.

I’m committed to thinking outside of the stirrups, because from my experience, most women’s health issues aren’t resolved with pap smears and speculums.

I’m committed to constantly expanding my comfort zone to share new tools, new approaches, new ways of BEing, new perspectives and new levels of awareness.

I’m committed to helping you achieve your results, your transformations, your ah-has and and the outcomes you were told were impossible but that you KNEW were your destiny.

About You

Let’s talk about YOU. Who ARE you?

  • Have you been diagnosed with thyroid issues or PCOS?

  • Are you struggling to get pregnant?

  • Do you feel like your periods are trying to kill you?

  • Are you exhausted from the time you wake up until the time you go to sleep?

  • Is your sex drive filed in a box somewhere with your old VHS tapes?

  • Is your skin breaking out?

  • Do you gain weight no matter what you do?

  • Do you feel like you’re being held hostage by your hormones?

    If I had you close your eyes and think about your health, and think about how you feel physically in your body, what would you tell me?  How do you FEEL? If I asked you to complete this statement,“Iam ,” what would you say? These are 2 of the most important words you will ever speak, because what comes after them shapes your reality.

    If you’re like most women who work with me, you may find yourself saying “I am….

  • Stuck

  • Exhausted

  • Confused

  • Frustrated

  • Tired

  • Broken

  • Depressed

  • Infertile

  • Straight up jacked up

  • A mess

  • Overweight

A really important note – you are NONE of those things. You may feel them. You may

experience the thoughts and the emotions, but you are NOT those things. They are not life sentences. You don’t have to accept them, not even for one moment.

Are you tired of trying only to fail? Let’s see if working together is a good fit. Check out my free quiz (no email necessary) to see if you (like most people) are looking for real and lasting change/results/outcomes.

Our Journey Together

We werent put on this planet to be miserable! We werent put here to be in pain, to be isolated or alone, to feel failure and guilt. We are here to LIVE!! We are here to build relationships, to inspire, to laugh, to serve, to feel energetic, to grow and to evolve. And to do all of these things we have to be in a great place physically and mentally.

I can get you there.

  • I believe in treating each woman that I work with as a WHOLE PERSON and a unique individual.

  • I believe that listening is more valuable than hearing.

  • I believe that we have incredible powers when it comes to healing our bodies and

    achieving the health outcomes we desire.

  • I believe that ANYTHING is possible.

  • I believe that getting what you want and feeling AMAZING can be EASY!

  • I believe that health and vitality is our right.

  • I believe that WE are responsible for our own health, and I believe that we must reclaim our health.

  • I believe it’s exhausting to be so exhausted.

  • I believe that we want a deeper understanding of what is really going on in our bodies.

  • I believe that we are capable of knowing and being more than most medical

    professionals give us credit for.

  • I believe that 95% of the work is inner work, and that NO ONE is even addressing this.

    I have knowledge, tips and tools I want to share with you. Those only make a difference when we are BEing the kind of person that feels worthy, the kind of person who takes responsibility and is committed.

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