Episode 18

Diet and Health “Shaming” – What is it? How does it affect you? 5 steps to overcome it.

About This episode

If you’re like most women, you’ve heard about “body shaming”, but have you heard of “Health or Diet Shaming??” Probably not, because I just made it up! But stick with me on today’s podcast episode! This is a real thing and chances are you’ve been impacted by it at some point or another.

Diet or Health Shaming is the guilt you feel when you realize that the current diet you’ve been following (even one that helped you feel much better) isn’t serving you the way it once did, but you’re afraid you’ll be criticized for “jumping ship” and jumping on the next “diet bandwagon.” (Wow that was a lot of quotation marks…)

Here’s the deal. You are an ever evolving, changing and dynamic individual, and your needs can change over days, months or years. It is not only your right to listen to your intuition and make changes that serve you and help you feel amazing, it’s your purpose!! We are here to feel energetic, joyous and vibrant. And part of that journey is giving our bodies what they need to make it happen.

Today we are talking about 5 steps to free you from any dietary or health box or label so that you can be free to feel your best.

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