Episode 19

From Surviving Hashimotos to a VIBRANT 2019 with Jana Bishop

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I was introduced to Jana about a year ago through a mutual friend that sent me a text message saying, “my friend Jana has major thyroid issues and no one can seem to help her.”

Does that sound familiar to you? Have you been diagnosed with thyroid disease and been told things like “there’s nothing you can do about it,” or “you’ll just be on medication for the rest of your life,” or have you even been told that it’s “all in your head?”

Well, I am so blessed to work with women like you and like Jana Bishop. Today Jana shares her 10 year journey with you: what has worked, what hasn’t, major mindset shifts that she’s had, and what she’s doing to make sure that 2019 is nothing less than VIBRANT!

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All my thyroid love, Talia