Here are the instructions for ordering supplements from Xymogen. These apply to residents of the United States. However, Xymogen does distribute in other countries. This is from their website (and may be changed at any time):


“We are currently distributing in Canada, South Korea, South Africa, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, and Indonesia – and we are looking to develop markets in Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and throughout Europe.”


If you live outside of the US, please feel free to contact Xymogen to determine if you can order them where you live.


  1.   Go to
  2.   Hover over or click the “eStore login:, which is at the top of the screen near the center.
  3. Select “New User”

4..   Click the ‘I am a Patient’ box.

  1. Enter the referral code University (with a capital ‘U’).
  2.   Enter ‘Lavor’ in the Practitioner’s Last Name field.
  3.   Enter your email address.
  4.   Click ‘Verify’ in the bottom right corner and proceed to search for recommended supplements.


  1.   Call 1-800-647-6100
  2.   Indicate that you have been referred by Talia Lavor, and place your order.




Please remember that these and all supplements are meant to be used under the care of a licensed medical provider. The recommendations in this program should be implemented in conjunction with providers that you deem appropriate to participate in your medical care. Each individual has his or her own unique needs. These needs may impact one’s ability to use or tolerate various medications or supplements. Supplements also have the potential to interact with prescription and over-the-counter medication and other supplements. Due to these factors, it is imperative that you consult and/or work with trusted medical providers.


The recommendations for supplements in this course are for women and men who are trying to conceive. If you become pregnant, please discontinue the supplements and herbs (other than a prenatal vitamin) and meet with your healthcare provider (unless otherwise instructed by your healthcare provider).


Due to the fact that Xymogen offers prescription-grade supplements, these instructions and codes are valid only for patients and clients who are being managed by Talia Lavor, PA-C. These supplements are not to be resold under any circumstance. Talia Lavor, PA-C may receive a commission on Xymogen product purchases.

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